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How to Become a Wreck Diver

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There are a few things you must do to become a wreck diving instructor. First, you will need to be certified. Equipment is also required in order to become a diver. These requirements are explained in this article. It will also help determine if wreck diving would be a good choice for you. There are two types of wreck diving: full-penetration or historical shipwreck diving.

Full-penetration wreck diving

Full-penetration dives to wrecks are a skill that requires advanced equipment. You may also be exposed to additional dangers such as hitting your head against an overhead beam during low-light diving, getting lost in a maze, or running out of air. Additionally, some wrecks can be filled with silt, mud, which makes it difficult for you to see the bottom.

Full-penetration wreck diving poses greater dangers than simple light-zone diving. These risks include exposure to overhead hazards, close proximity to the structure and silt within the structure. If the diver can maneuver laterally to an exit point, the dangers are manageable.

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Historical shipwreck diving

Divers who are looking for a different type of diving adventure often choose historical shipwreck dives. This type dive is great for exploring the past and finding treasure. Shipwrecks can be a great place for finding relics, even though they are not always protected by the law.

The fascinating history of shipwrecks is fascinating and is a valuable teaching tool. They are rich in history and artifacts that can be used to help understand the shipbuilding industry and trade. Shipwrecks also provide a unique opportunity to interpret the lives of past mariners, their struggles and successes.

You must be a wreck diver to qualify

It takes special training to dive in wrecks. Wrecks can often be found at different depths. You need to be able adjust your breathing accordingly. Also, it is essential to learn the rule for thirds when you think about air consumption. To learn more, you can attend a PADI/SDI dive master course.

Wreck divers have the ability to search deep beneath the water for the remains of land vehicles. The wrecks become artificial reefs as they disintegrate. Wrecks can be an interesting and difficult experience. Once you learn how to safely navigate them, you'll find your way around.

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Equipment necessary to be a wreck diver

The first step towards becoming a wreck diver involves investing in the right equipment. For this, you need the standard scuba equipment, such as a wetsuit or drysuit, a dive light, and a compass. You may need additional gear depending upon the type of diving you do. The dive center can help guide you in choosing the right gear for your dive.

Good regulators are also essential. A high-performance regulator is a must. It should have a low work-of breathing and be rugged. You should be able to fit low-pressure accessories such as a BC Inflator or dry suit. Additionally, it should have additional low-pressure ports to route hoses where they will have less strain when diving.


How to Become a Wreck Diver