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Apeks Dry Suits

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Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd. is a manufacturer of scuba diving equipment, headquartered in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Apeks' most popular products are dry suit valves (diving regulators) and the dry suit valves. The company also supplies valves that are used by many dry suit manufacturers. Here are some things to look for when choosing an Apeks dry suit. Read on for more information. This information is intended to help you determine which dry suit is best for you.


Apeks XTX40 Octopus is a great companion item for the aptly titled YTX40 regulate. The Octopus offers the same features and a 36-inch hose as the XTX40 2nd stage. There is also a high visibility yellow front cover. The regulator also qualifies for the company’s Free Parts for Life Program. The XTX purge keys are large and simple to operate.

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Apeks XTX200 regulator is for both seasoned and aspiring divers. Its dual regulator design provides the same features and benefits as its second stage. This includes Free Parts of Life and a 36” yellow hose that improves visibility. The XTX purge buttons are easy to operate and feature a large design for ease of use. Both beginners and experts can use the XTX.


Apeks XL4 regulator, which is lightweight and compact, is perfect for diving in cold waters. The regulator's light weight makes it easy to take on long dives. Technical exploration divers, with heavy equipment, will benefit from the light weight, as it minimizes jaw fatigue during long dives. If you're looking for a regulator for technical exploration diving, look no further than the Apeks XL4.

XTX200 Second Stage

Apeks XTX200 2nd Stage regulator is made for advanced users that require a powerful regulator. This regulator can also be used in conjunction with Apeks regulators, the XTX40 Octopus. The XTX40 second-stage regulator includes the same features, including a 36-inch yellow hose with a high-visibility yellow cover. It is eligible for Free Parts for Life, and it has a large purge key.

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XTX50 IInd Stage

The XTX40 Octopus is the perfect companion to any Apeks regulator. It has all the great features of the XTX40's second stage, including a high-visibility cover and a 36 inch hose. It qualifies for Free Parts for Life. Large and easy-to-use XTX purge button are also available. There are many accessories available for the XTX Series, including regulators, second stage, and other parts.


Apeks Dry Suits