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Diver Certificate Levels

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A introductory course for those who are interested in diving is a great option. Also known as a buceo (or baptism of water), this course is a great choice for those with little or no experience and those who are short on time. To begin diving at 12 metres or more, you'll need to be accompanied by a professional instructor. If you choose to continue your training, you will be able to obtain a Rescue or Advanced open-water certification.

PADI Scuba Diver

There are many PADI Scuba Diver levels. For those who are just beginning, the introductory course is a good starting point. Once they have achieved certain levels of competence, they can move on to a higher level. PADI Scuba Diver is made up 14 modules. Each module can be broken into three sections. The course usually lasts three days, but can be upgraded in as little as 1/1.5 days. This is the most sought-after course and allows you to dive to 18m.

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Advanced open water diver

Open water divers who have completed the Open Water Diver Course have an AOW certification. AOW divers can dive deeper than the recommended 60 feet. AOW divers are also capable of improving buoyancy and air consumption. Advanced open water divers are also able to do specialty diving such as wreck diving. There are several levels of AOW certificates. These levels have different requirements. You can read more about these levels by reading on.

Rescue diver

There are three levels to your Rescue Diver certificate: the technical, recreational, and the dive leader. International Standards Organisation, (ISO), establishes the standards. This training is based on BS EN14413-2:2004 and ISO 24801-1;2004. Level-one instructors are qualified to instruct recreational divers, assess their knowledge up to the diver level one and plan and conduct dives. They can also lead divers in open waters and assist with rescue operations.

Cave-1 class

Cave diver certification requires at least 40 hours of classroom instruction and practical experience. This course covers the basics of cave diving, standard procedures, emergency procedures, as well as information about the dangers and challenges that the environment presents. During their cave course, students are tested on their skills. There are two parts to the course: academics and water-based activities. Students are required to pass an exam and demonstrate their competence by passing a quiz. The course requires the student to complete a cave dive course manual.

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Master Scuba Diver

Master Scuba Diver certification comes in five levels. Open Water dive is the initial level. This allows you to learn how and where to manage your equipment and dive. You can choose electives from the next two levels. Master Scuba Divers can join other certified divers as long they are certified. This level also comes with a 10% discount on the five courses.


Diver Certificate Levels