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Diver Accessories for Every Diver Enthusiast


A good dive navigator is an essential accessory that allows you to track your position while diving. It can communicate directly with the dive boat as well as AIS-equipped ships using DSC messages. The waterproof devices come with a pouch to keep them safe and a coil loop to attach them to your BCD. They can measure up to 1.5 meters accurately and only require minor maintenance. Be sure to replace the batteries and keep the o'rings clean. Dive lights use strobes and some use strobes. Strobes are more efficient than dive lights, and they run longer.

Diver life-support equipment

Divers' life-support equipment can be vital in an emergency. The equipment is made by Divex of Aberdeen, Scotland. The equipment includes a chest mounted oxygen cylinder, an attachable air cylinder, and a breathing device. The Divex CDLSE can be purchased for diving at a cost of up to $600, depending on the size.

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Hanging wetsuits

Wetsuit hangers are essential for storing wetsuits, dry suit, and other diving gear. These hangers allow you to dry your gear quickly and keep their shape. They also provide convenient storage. There are many types of hanging devices on the market. This article will discuss the top-rated hangers available. Wetsuit hangers are useful diving accessories for any dive enthusiast.

Mask strap cover

A scuba helmet strap cover can be useful for many reasons. These covers prevent hair from tangling during scuba diving. Protect your mask from being taken by other divers with the help of these covers. You can find many different styles and colors of mask strap covers. Some are even personalized with your name or embroidery. These strap covers are a great way for your business to be promoted. These strap covers have many benefits.

Slates, wet books

Wet books and slates are essential diving accessories. Slates can be used to write underwater and help divers record their experiences. Slates are very popular with instructors and photographers. Some slates also have compartments for cable ties and star tools. Some wet books may also have a profile for technical divers.

Mesh bags

Mesh bags are an excellent way to organize and protect your diving gear. Mesh bags are made of reinforced nylon or polyester and can hold many items, such as snorkels, masks, fins, and fins. The bags are lightweight, easy to pack and easy on the eyes. They can be used by average swimmers, allowing the contents to drain and not having to be taken out. A mesh bag works well for carrying water shoes or other personal equipment that divers might need while diving.

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Wetsuit marker lights

Scuba marker lights are the newest diving accessories. They shine upward. This accessory functions as a small flashlight and the transparent plastic shroud lets divers see it from all directions. While batteries can be great for occasional use, they may not always be rechargeable. This is why it is so important to get a scuba light with a rechargeable power source. It is also possible to use disposable alkaline or other types of batteries. There are three main types available for diving lights. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.


Diver Accessories for Every Diver Enthusiast