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Sherwood Scuba is known for producing durable, tough products for scuba divers. The company is a market leader in the Dive Industry and offers a wide variety of equipment. This article will discuss a few of the products available. We will also be looking at the Halfpac soft-pack and the SR2 regulator.

Magenta Luna is a jacket-style BCD designed specifically for the female body

The Luna BCD for women is an excellent option if you are looking for an innovative jacket-style BCD. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to wear. Luna also features adjustable waist straps and shoulder straps. It also has three stainless steel D-rings.

This BCD has all the features of a traditional jacket, including a padded backplate, ample pockets, and D-rings. If the jacket-style BCD fits well, it is comfortable. However, it can ride up and squeeze the diver. Modern jacket-style BCDs have integrated weight systems. This eliminates any need for a separate weigh belt.

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Halfpac can be described as a soft-pack

Halfpac Soft-pack for Sherwood SCUBA Diving Tanks provides stability and comfort. Only 48 states are eligible to purchase it. SixBit eCommerce Solution powers the product. The company is located in San Diego, California.

The Halfpac comes with thick padding, plush nylon interior and a zippered compartment for your BC and accessories. It provides the stability and cushiness that you expect from a soft-pack BC, while still being strong and durable like a hard pack. It is also highly resistant to ultraviolet light making it ideal for travel.

The SR2 regulator can be compacted and easily inhaled

The Sherwood SR2 regulator is a modern and compact breathing system that packs advanced technology into a small package. This regulator is a great choice for both beginners and experienced divers. It provides excellent performance across a wide range cylinder pressures. It has a 2-piece balance piston that provides the best intermediate pressure to a pneumatically balancing second stage. This design is innovative and allows for responsive, sharp breathing even at low pressures.

The SR2 regulator is made with a two-piece piston design that allows for easy maintenance. The SR2 regulator has a larger flow-through area than other standard regulators. It also has superior breathing performance, with less than 0.65 joules/liter at 165 fsw and 62.5 RMV.

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Magenta Luna comes in a new "Phantom” option

The Magenta Luna jacket-style BCD is designed for women with certain features, such as contoured air cells or shoulder straps. It also comes with the CQR-3 Weight System. This system includes padding on weight bearing Neoprene or plush Nylon panels. This system is compatible with AKONA QuickClips and a Pro-Kit.


Sherwood Scuba Products