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PADI Certification Chart

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You may be interested in a PADI certification if you wish to become a certified diver. PADI offers many levels of training. The courses usually include three main components. There is an online self-study module that will teach you the basics of diving, confined water and open water diving, as well as a practical dive to put all your knowledge into action. Whether you're just getting started in the water or have been diving for several years, PADI certifications are a great way to get a feel for diving.


PADI has different certification levels. PADI offers several courses for divers who want to be certified as a diving professional. PADI offers many certifications from Open Water Diver to Scuba Diver.

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First, learn about the SSI certification chart if you wish to become a SSI teacher. It's important to note that SSI certification programs start at the basic level and progress to more complex ones. SSI certification courses can be taken online or in person. During your training, you will experience several sessions in both open- and confined water. A qualified instructor will guide you and help you to improve your skills.


There are many differences between NAUI and PADI certifications. The most significant differences between the NAUI and PADI certification charts are in the teaching method, as well as the certification requirements. These differences can have a significant impact on a diver’s skill level. Your attitude towards diving and physical abilities will determine which certification you should pursue.


The CMAS padi certification chart differs slightly from PADI's. Although the agencies are similar in many respects, their certifications differ. CMAS requires four dives, and you must dive to 18 m. PADI, on the other hand, requires five.


A diver who has completed the BSAC Openwater Diver program can then take additional courses with BSAC. A list of courses will allow the diver to attain the advanced level is available on the BSAC certification chart. These courses may involve a fee, which can range from 25 to 55 US dollars.

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Digital Underwater Photographer

PADI's digital underwater photographer certification chart includes an introduction and several digital camera techniques. This specialty is available as either a single or two-part course. It covers topics such as colour filters and white-balancing as well as camera setup. Students also learn about file types and image resolution.


PADI Certification Chart