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Divers With Dive Specialties Can Make a Difference on Every Dive

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Divers can learn valuable skills through a Dive Specialty. Specialties enable divers to make a positive difference on every dive. This type of diver can be specialized in one area, or in a particular kind of equipment. Enriched Air Nitrox or EANx (Boat Diving), Deep Scuba, and Boat Diving are just a few examples. Learn more about these diving specialties below.

Enriched Air Nitrox

If you want to learn more about the advantages of enriched air, consider becoming a certified PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver. The specialty course involves hands-on exercises and independent study. There are also two optional Nitrox dives. This course can be done online or offline. You can also complete it whenever you want, no matter where you live. A scuba tank with special oxygen service standards is required to complete this specialization.

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Underwater Photography

Divers who enjoy taking pictures will find diving a great way expand their knowledge and skills. Underwater photography is one of many specialties in diving. You will learn basic principles and techniques in underwater photography. Learn about underwater lighting and composition. The proper etiquette of underwater photography will be taught. PADI eLearning will teach you underwater photography and connect with an instructor.

Boat Diving

PADI Boat Diver Specialty Course offers a great way to get started on your diving adventures or if you are looking for a challenge. Learn about the various types of dive boat, proper etiquette, entry/exit procedures, and how you pack your gear for the trip. Also, the course covers boat safety and handling emergencies while on water.

Deep Scuba

There are many Deep Scuba diving specialties. Advanced Diver certification means that certified divers can dive deeper than the initial dive. Deep Scuba divers should understand the effects of pressure and breathing while diving, because their body functions and systems become increasingly vulnerable at greater depths. They should also learn how to plan and execute a safe deep dive. Some of these specialties require greater training than others. There are a few prerequisites that you must meet to become certified.

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Underwater Navigation

Navigation is essential in scuba diving. You need to know how to navigate underwater. Navigation is important to a scuba diver, and learning to use the compass correctly is essential to this skill. You have many options to practice underwater navigation.


Divers With Dive Specialties Can Make a Difference on Every Dive