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Diver Apps That Do Not Rely on GPS

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Dive apps are great for keeping track of important information when diving. These apps can be used to manage your diving gear, save photos and document the sea life. These apps offer many features, but it is important that you remember to conserve your battery. It is best to avoid using GPS to track your location. There are other options as well, such as the TripWhistle Global SOS app.


If you're a digital diver, you may already be familiar with the DiverLog+ app for Android, a free dive log application from the makers of the famous Shearwater computers. The app features a well-organized dive log with information organized by time, depth, temperature, and even oxygen toxicity. The app also allows you to search dives and share log links with friends.

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Scuba Exam

The Scuba Exam app for Windows is a great way to study for your certification exams. This application is accessible from any location. Not only can you study for your diving exams, but you can also access the app from anywhere. You can also add details to your checklist so that you can swap with others. It also has a backup and restore feature, so you can restore your previous checklist if necessary.


Diveboard lets you upload pictures and write descriptions about your diving adventures. You can use it to plan your dive trip and track your dives. It has a buddy listing and a locator for dive shops. Google Play Store: Download Diveboard Free! Get it now on your Android device. It has a lot of amazing features.

TripWhistle Global SOS

TripWhistle Global SOS diving application is a great way for you to be safe while scubadiving around the world. It gives you access to 70 emergency numbers in 196 countries. The app also shows your location on the map. The app will even display your street address and locate you on a map for easy contact. It's free to download for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

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The iDeco mobile app is a must have for any diver. The app has everything you need for a perfect dive. It will also send you notifications about your surface intervals, and tidal fluctuations. The app also has a marine debris tracker that helps to map the movement of plastic litter throughout the ocean. It has so far tracked more than 1.5million items. This app can also be useful to researchers studying marine litter.


Diver Apps That Do Not Rely on GPS